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I see these blocks showing errors. I clicked on Attempt Block Recovery and it worked. But then I see them in error again.

I think it’s a bug?

Hi @jornes,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing trouble with this.

Could you possibly share a screenshot of your browser console log? As there isn’t much to determine what’s going wrong.
And could you let me know on what block you are experiencing this on?

Thank you in advance.

Sure! I will provide it shortly. Before that, I am sharing this with you after the page refreshed.

Hey @Araminta I am using Cwicly’s image block and wrapped with a div for the link.

Here are the screenshot for the console log
Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

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Thank you for the screenshots!

This seems unusual.

Could you possibly provide a temporary access so we can take a closer look at this?

Thank you in advance.

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The email has been sent. Kindly check it out. Thank you!

Thank you for the email, @jornes!

This was addressed in as the noreferrer and noopener values are no longer added by Cwicly by default.

Please don’t hesitate to reply to this thread if you come across an issue.

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