Theme styles broken on frontend after installing Cwicly

Putting this out there for anyone new to Cwicly who comes across this issue after a fresh install. I consider myself a pro but I was thrown by it and it could throw beginners off too.

After installing & activating Cwicly plugin, doing the default setup in “Getting Started” and keeping the existing theme (e…g. 2023 theme). When you view your site on the front end, there is no styling and assume your site is broken. When you check the template previews in themer, the styes are broken too. But when you open to edit any template, the styles are there.

When going through setup, Cwicly disables the wordpress global styles so your site appears broken on the front end.

I spent hours trying to figure out why it was broken. Watching tutorials, reading docs, testing on different servers then came on here for an answer and it wasn’t resolved.

After many hours head scratching, the solution was right under my nose in Advanced Settings.
I was under the impression that Cwicly would work with any theme and thought this was a bug. It would helpful if the Devs could make this clear in tutorials or make it the case that if an existing theme is selected during setup, that it doesn’t disable its styles.