The big UI/UX topic

Hey @Louis.

I wrote this post 2 weeks before the folders has been introduced.
Unfortunately, I didn’t test the feature extensively yet, so I’m not able to give any valuable feedback.

I think @jornes’ reply was referring to a different post.

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Hi @Marius,

Thanks for the precisions.

Indeed, my response is ambiguous. Global classes/Stylesheets folders were introduced later that month, but external classes have had a folder type categorisation since their introduction, which is why I wondered what wasn’t working out for you with this particular setup/your expectations.

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Oh, I see @Louis.

Wasn’t aware of it, so apparently it existed then already - at least partially.
Sorry for the confusion, I think I checked the external classes’ tab as well, but seems like I must have missed it.
If nothing changed in the meantime, I have to ask myself how that could happen :see_no_evil:

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@Marius Correct! I was.

Block Inspector > Design > Pseudo Classes
The Pseudo Classes Dropdown Menu is missing here.

It’s necessary to select the pseudo state before entering the pseudo classes tab

Not sure if there is a specific reason why is that.
It’s possible to switch pseudo states from the header toolbar, but it’s not that convenient and a kind of inconsistent experience.
Also missing inside the Relative Styling tab, which got me confused as well a couple of times. I think it makes sense here as well.

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Thanks for bringing this up @Marius.
There were specifics for not introducing the pseudo selector in those tabs, but after looking at this again, they are outweighed by the need to set pseudo content etc…

Fixed in


Bricks screenshot is of older version. Newer version have a bit webflow like controls

Don’t know if it will double post, for some reason it disappeared 1st time.

Yes you are right, I was trying to find it and couldn’t, I dont have it installed yet I own it.
Their new version actually made me try to find it then I thought maybe it was Breakdance… Thanks for pointing it out.

Yeah, a top-right-bottom-left order would be something I would appreciate at some point.
With the current implementation, that wouldn’t make sense.

The webflow-ish one, I really like - very efficient.
Doesn’t Zion has that too? I think I’ve also seen something like that in the oxy 4 beta if I remember correctly.

The current implementation is kind of unified, which I also like (and got used to it), tbh.

Any update on drag and drop?

Any update regarding the removal of the Relative Style shortcut?
I’m also missing options like disable and delete them directly from the main class area, maybe even for edit the rules.
For instance, the virtual classes already comes with a context menu.

A duplication option for RS items is something I really would like to see at some point to complement the already existing copy option, which could also find their way in a potential context menu for quick access.

I noticed, that when the cwicly block inspector/editor is long enough to start scrolling the scrollbar will use up space, which activates the horizontal scrollbar. This is not that important but it would be nice if the block inspector would get more space or the padding to the left/right could be shrunk to fit the vertical scrollbar.

… well this is whining at a high level :yum:

Edit: After all that whining I forgot to say that you guys from the cwicly team are doing an awesome job! Love how cwicly grows :blush:

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I find it surprising that no one brought this up until now @T-low :grinning:

I’d rather disagree here.
That’s a perfect fit for this thread :+1:

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Hi @Marius, I think it is mostly subconscious ignored on my end ^^
And most of the time, when I notice something there is an update that pops up, which already provides a fix :+1:

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Unfortunately, I’m not able to do that.
I fixed that right in the beginning on my end around 1 year ago and totally forgot about it.
Wasn’t aware this still exists.

Overflow related issues are kind of annoying since every browser and/or OS uses their own scrollbars.
There are probably dozens of combinations in the end which just can’t be checked or tested by the devs themselves.
But I don’t see any problem here, since users can always report their issues and fixes are delivered quickly.

While we are on this subject already:


I really like the newly introduced custom scrollbar for the Navigator.

It gives consistency (OS/Browser), saves space, and prevents annoying content shift when the scrollbar appears and disappears.

Any plans to add it for the page/block options panel?


@Louis nice work on the refreshed UI. You’ve somehow managed to keep the compactness of the icon approach while making each section a lot more intuitive with the labels.



Thank you @sunny, really appreciate it :slight_smile:

It’s been an evolution from trying to completely remove the scrollbars to finding that spot where icons can serve their role for groups of properties, while giving the necessary space to labels to do what they do best.
A search bar will also be coming to help you go faster in those necessary moments!