Template - Post Content Block ID

I created a template which contains the Cwicly Post Content Block (only).
Switching to the main tag and don’t enabling the ID, this is what I get:


This is added automatically by WordPress (if no ID found for the main tag; for the skip link feature):

// Get the skip-link target's ID, and generate one if it doesn't exist.
		skipLinkTargetID = skipLinkTarget.id;
		if ( ! skipLinkTargetID ) {
			skipLinkTargetID = 'wp--skip-link--target';
			skipLinkTarget.id = skipLinkTargetID;

Moving to General category as this is not a bug.


Thank you @Louis.

It’s actually what I was expecting but still thought Cwicly would take over here.

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We could definitely remove this (as we’re already modifying the function) if necessary.

Just wondering what would be the purpose if that’s what you were looking for?

It is not an issue for me, Louis.

But obviously, when leaving an input empty, it’s on purpose.
If that would not be the case, I would toggle the ID input to display my custom ID on front-end.
It’s just not something what I would expect.

The user is forced to choose a custom ID, to get rid of the WP’s one. That’s my point.

I want to add that the ID/class order is reversed here as well.
So it’s not #id .class, it’s .class #id