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In a footer Template Part, I added a section.
I set to this section some layout settings: horizontal alignment to center.
Backend, all is ok (cf. following screenshot)

But frontend, the horizontal alignment is not ok!

NB: the greyed line is the section with settings above

Environment info

  • Browser: Chrome
  • WordPress version: 5.9.3
  • Gutenberg Plugin version: not installed
  • Cwicly Plugin version:
  • Cwicly Theme version: 1.0.3

I quickly recreated your section and couldn’t face any issue.
Note, that your flex settings will apply on the direct child of the section (.cc-wrapper).
Could you share, what’s actually happening inside this container?

Sections do come with a predefined value which you can change inside the global options.
I think this is the origin of your issue. Could you remove the additional class on your footer template which gives you the 100vw width and then set your section width inside the section block ssettings?

Here is my result:

Hope it’s fine I answer to this thread.

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Here is the screenshot.
I don’t know why but nothing looks like yours!

If you want to take a look to my backend, here is a link: link to backend
PS: don’t worry, it is a test site

I modified:

  • remove class in Template Part (selected in sceenshot)
  • set the sizing and layout in the section beneath

Everything seems to run fine.
I can’t figure out where was the issue before…
Thank you very much for your help.

Glad I could help.

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Thanks for helping out @Marius, really appreciated.

I’m sorry for the trouble @weedor.
Might I ask if you tried saving the template part multiple times to make sure it wasn’t a saving issue?
Since Cwicly generates the CSS on every save, maybe there was some kind of early close or error that caused the styles not to be saved.
If this happens again, please let me know so I can investigate further.

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Sorry but I can’t tell you because I was not aware that such an issue could exit, so I didn’t pay attention enough . I only focused on the settings.
It is true that I saved the Templates and/or Template Parts a lot of times with several tabs of the same template opened in Chrome.
Then, to go forward with Marius, I created an install from scratch, working but not clean at all. So Marius helped me, and now, all is ok and cleanelly.
For sure, from now, I will pay attention to that.

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There are normally no special actions to be followed using Cwicly. It seems to me that the styles were not being saved for one reason or another.

But, if the styles are being applied on the backend, they should always appear on the frontend since the same style function is being used.

If it does reoccur, don’t hesitate to contact our support team directly so that someone can log in to your backend. Thanks!

I will relay if I find something weird.
Thank you for helping as you do.