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After editing Index template (e.g.: background-color), after refreshing a page, the changes in template are not applied to the page display.
I don’t understand the behavior of templates: I thought that every change made on template will affect all the pages based to this template without need to update these pages.
Can you clarify this strange behavior? Perhaps, it is my bad and I need to adapt my way to work.

Can you confirm that the page you are visiting and not seeing the changes applied (background-color) is inheriting the Index template? (You can see it in the WP Admin topbar menu)

Yes, here are the screensots.

Comment: I reset the Index template, then the only change I made is the background-color.

PS: I don’t know why I have all these error messages!

A page after CTRL-F5

The template is Index.

Hi there @weedor,

If you are experiencing those errors, I don’t think Cwicly will be able to save/process the changes.
Do you have the Gutenberg plugin installed and activated by any chance?

Nope, Gutenberg is not installed.
Checking my versions for answer, I saw that the version of Wordpress is 6.1-alpha-53411.
I can downgrade to 5.9.3 to check if it is the source of issue.

Let us know. I am curious what might be the cause of these errors.

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This might have been introduced with our latest update (shortcuts) and versions > 6.0 on the Site Editor.

We’re working on this and should have a fix out soon, although bringing shortcuts for WordPress 6.0 on the Site Editor seems much more complicated…

Thanks for bringing this up!

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After downgrade to Wordpress 5.93 everuthing works again as expected.
Thank you to take care so meticulously to our requests.