Taxonomy block issue and some global styling problems

Hey, I came across some more things today.

Taxonomy Terms Block

Maybe I’m doing something wrong, I don’t know. But for me the exclude feature doesn’t work. Dropdown menu is empty. Source “Current” > it’s not possible to exclude tags for example. Exclude option seems to not work with individual source, either. I tested it in a template and in a post.

Global Stylesheet

If I set CSS rules to the heading and paragraph texts (h1…h6, p) they don’t show in the editor unless I set an !important. On the frontend it’s working fine without the !important.

Additional classes that I target in a global stylesheet work in the editor without applying !important.

Global Styles

Some additional questions, maybe I’m overlooking something. I hope it’s okay to ask them in this thread:

Where can I set global colors for the typography (besides doing it manually in a global stylesheet)?

In the Global Styles > Elements tab I can set the margins and paddings for paragraphs. Where can I find this option for headings?

Hello @MarcovB,

Thanks for the detailed post.
Indeed, we have noticed the issues with global styles not applying on the editor.

What you describe should be fixed in

Please let me know if you do experience this again. Thanks once again for taking the time to report it and apologies for the inconvenience.

Thanks for the quick fix, Louis! Sure, I will report any future complications.

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