Submenu stays open despite leaving it's shape

If one leaves a menu item which opens a submenu on hover in horizontal direction, the submenu closes correctly. But if one is outside the header above the opened submenu, and leaving its space, it stays open. Any trick to avoid this?

Hi @FZwo,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing trouble with this.

As this is more of a visual issue, could you possibly provide a screenshot or screencast of this issue so we can better understand what’s going wrong?
Thank you in advance.

is it possible to sent you a pn with the link of my page? You will immediately recognize it then what I meant

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Yes that would be great, thank you!

Thank you for the link, @FZwo!

I can confirm that this issue seems to currently happen when the transition duration is applied to the Menu block as a whole.
So for the time being, to avoid this, I would suggest to apply the transition duration to a specific property (see screenshot).

We will investigate this further to see if there is a better solution to this.

setting the transition duration as in your example did not help in my case

Your issue might be this:

right, taking that padding out, the issue disappears. The reason I have put that value was to have the submenu left aligned as a whole with the main menu item where it is hovered from. But strange anyway, that a padding on sub menu level causes this

The padding is part of your submenu, so this is expected behaviour.
You are actually hovering over the submenu, when hovering over the padding.

To achieve your desired design, you can add some custom CSS.

.blockclass > li > {
    transform: translateX(0);
    left: 0;

You optionally can transfer this rule to a Relative Style.

PS: I read somewhere that there is a submenu alignment option planned/considered, but can’t say for sure.

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