Span elements instead of H1 tags in headings


I am considering using Cwicly.
But I need to know if it has following features.

I need to have all top text elements as span elements. No H tags.

The H1, H2 … tags will be added at the bottom of the page with regular sized fonts.

I just switched from Elementor (where it’s done with a simple click) to Astra (with Spectra), where it seems almost impossible to change headings or paragraphs…

Thanks for help.


Hello @Paolo,

Welcome to the community!

I’m not quite certain I’m grasping the “top text elements” part of things.
Most of the markup in Cwicly is fully controllable so this definitely shouldn’t be an issue.

Have you tried the sandbox? This might be the best way to see if Cwicly can fit your needs:

If you need anything else, please don’t hesitate.

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If you were referring to the text block using span instead of Heading or P tag, then you can use Cwicly’s paragraph block, then change it to span easily this way.


Please let me know if you were referring to something more than this.

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Hi @Louis and @jornes

Sorry if I didn’t make myself clear.

I want all my top header titles (in my case mostly CTAs) not inluence search engines.
Instead I want to have my H1, H2 etc. be on the bottom.

Please check this site as an example:

As you can see their page has the CTAs on the top and they are all span elements.

And on the bottom they have all their titles in regular fonts.

(here there was supposed to be the bottom screenshot showing H1, H2 … but I am not allowed to as a new subscriber)

This doesn’t look nice, but SEO wise it is perfect. And BTW: who scrolls to the bottom of a page…? :wink:



here is the second screenshot


I tried to launch sandbox but it doesn’t work. I tried multiple times.

I hope I understand it correctly.

I can see that all the titles are span tags with style HTML markup. All these are achievable with custom attributes. Nothing complex.

What you need to do is to choose a paragraph block and change its HTML tag. Then, apply the style and the value with custom attributes.

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It’s working now! I am giving it a try.

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Glad to hear that you got it working.

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