Small UI design observations

@Louis - Some time ago Cwicly switched in the Design tab from a list of panels to icons at the top which when clicked open the corresponding panel. It is good that the tooltip shows what the icon is for, but you’ve made comments about being friendly for new users and that switch requires new users to check each icon until they memorize them. The old “don’t make me think” idea.

Another minor UI observation is that many of the block settings have grey on a grey background while the core blocks have black or grey on a white background. There is less contrast with grey on grey. Maybe that is something that a dark mode would address (I’m not suggesting dark mode is a priority at the moment) or maybe there is a finite set of classes that can be used to “theme” the Cwicly UI? Also, all input areas in core have a clear border around them. Many Cwicly input boxes include an icon, the input area, and a measurement abbreviation all in the same box. That is probably just design and I’m not sure one is better than the other, but pointing out the difference.