Slider to show posts / CPT / Products

@Louis, I’m nominating you for some Nobel prize. Certainly doing a lot to create peace in the WordPress world!


@Louis, can the dynamic slider be extended to include the gallery block as well?


This is a really great addition with lots of customization options! Brilliant!

It would be nice if the arrows could be placed elsewhere though. In the documentation, there’s a nice layout with the prev and next arrows in the bottom right corner.(docs for the static slider) I tried setting the margin for the arrows but I can’t style/set the previous and next arrow separately. Also tried custom css but it didn’t have effect so far.

Are the link action options for slider control (prev/next) not available with the dynamic slider?

According to @Araminta’s new real estate template, which is currently not available yet, this seems to be possible.

@Jeeduppelopee maybe you want to have a look then to check out how it is achieved.
You should have full control over the design, since the arrow controls are independent blocks, I assume.

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Ah, yes of course. I did not think of that. I was looking insider the slider options in the query template. But this is a better way of achieving it. Thanks. Looks like another great design by @araminta by the way.

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Ok, this is what makes Cwicly great. The team listening to its users. I just used a slider and set it up. And while doing that was wondering how great it would be to have all the testimonials (which are a CPT with ACF fields) layed out as a query in the slider. I’ll leave this slider alone. Its ok. But very happy with this option Louis!

@Louis, this has been available for a while now, hasn’t it? Can it be marked as done or is there something still pending?

i’m not seeing the option to transform a query template block into a slider anymore in settings. Anyone else also not?

Still seeing it here:

Perhaps the issue is context specific?