Slider Dots Background

Can we have an option to set a background color for the slider navigation dots? Depending of the background of a slide they are really hard to see. Arrow navigation already has this feature.

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You are able to change the colour of the slider navigation dots from the Settings > Pagination tabs by adding the “Pg. item” Relative Style.
From there, you can style its background colour and much more.

Please let me know if this helps!

These settings are from the repeater block. I mean a background for the dots of a slider block.

I think there is a solution.

May I ask you if you are using a horizontal or a vertical slider?


Based on that, you could just throw in some custom CSS rules or even transfer that over to a Relative Styling rule.
Let me know which route you’d prefer.

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Just made a quick tutorial.
Hope it helps @h0rus.


Awesome, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks! May I ask how to get the navigation arrows to the right column (as in your example)?

Could you show a visual reference what exactly you want to achieve?

I assume you want to target the arrows via Relative Styling.
Will do that later :+1:

Move the arrows from standard position (red) to the right column (green).

Left Arrow:

Right Arrow:

You can only move the icons within the slider container.

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