Slider additional DIV

From v1., slide blocks are contained with an additional div.
I assume it is the .sliderchild.
Can’t confirm, the latest Cwicly version I found was v1.

Could there be an explanation given why this was done?

Hi there Marius,

Indeed, the additional div was added on the frontend to reflect the backend setup, trying to keep things as equal as possible.

But I do think that it is now possible for us to bring those divs together again on both the frontend and backend. Thanks for bringing this up!

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Thanks for clarifying @Louis.

This should make it possible creating more advanced and creative designs, taking advantage of the classes added through Swiper, depending on the Slide states, and manipulating them via Relative Styling.

Back then, I initially thought it has something to do, getting the Slider block ready for dynamic content.
But good to hear it is possible reverting to the previous implementation.