Simpler styling for advanced Cwicly Components

In styling some of the more complex Cwicly components (I prefer calling them components, rather than blocks since they are more complex) such as tabs, accordions and the like, could we make some of the settings of the hidden containers and classes more accessible?

As an example, I wanted to style the tab header so it had a different colour when active. Initially I tried the ::active pseudo class, but when I checked the Inspector, I realize that Cwicly adds a .cc-tab-active class to the one that’s active.


I don’t have a problem with this, but how can we simplify and make it more user-friendly?

To my thinking, how the Dynamic Slider was approached might show the way forward these other elements.

I think it’s elegant and would be a great way to help new users catch on fairly quickly.

Something to think about.


I recently thought about exact the same.

Dynamic slider handles that perfectly with all the available classes, transforming them into a Relative Style with a single click.

Would love to see that implementation in all applicable blocks.

New users, as @owynter said it right, would benefit from it, giving them more (granular) options straight away.
Experienced users would experience a solid improvement in their workflow.

Wouldn’t be surprised if that’s on their list already.