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I have a question about CPT and taxonomy.

I have some stuff under a nested taxonomy (for example: main tax > subtax 1 > subtax level 2 > wordpress plugin).

Let’s say the stuff is under the WordPress Plugin. I want to show the posts under this taxonomy only. I don’t want to show the items from the parent taxonomy. How do I set the query condition?

I’ve created a template for the stuff under taxonomy. I assigned the template correctly. But the problem that I am facing now is not knowing how to set the query in Cwicly.

It shows all the posts, no matter what I try.

Thanks in advance!

If you have set the custom type up with the correct urls and are showing them in a separate page/template, you can inherit the query from url and that should do what you want.

If you are doing something more dynamic, it would be necessary to see how you intend to load the items to know the best approach (e.g. whether you are using a filter or nested queries or a sub-page, etc).

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Hey @StrangeTech

Thanks! Inherit query from URL worked. I’ve just no clue what these options are for.

*Inherit query from URL and Frontend Rendering.

Inherit query from URL uses the built-in WordPress query configuration for the page you are on, based on how the post type is set up.

Here are the docs:

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