Show the name of the reusable block in the Navigator

Currently all reusable blocks are labelled as “Reusable block” in the navigator.

Selecting the block, you can see the name in the block inspector and in the block editor toolbar.

Screenshot 2023-03-24 at 15.55.00

If it is technically possible it will be much much better to show the name given to the reusable block in the Cwicly Navigator as the label, instead of just “Reusable block”.


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As a follow up, you can simply double-click the block label and rename it each time you add a reusable block, but obviously this is not optimal when using a lot of reusable blocks and seems like unnecessary redundancy given the name already exists for the block.

As a further reason to add this feature - renaming a reusable block via the Cwicly navigator does not persist. When you reload the editor the name reverts to “Reusable block”.

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Here is a side by side comparison between the Cwicly navigator the WordPress list view with reusable blocks.

Hello @StrangeTech,

Thanks for bringing this up.
The Cwicly navigator should now display the correct label for each and every reusable block in

We haven’t linked renaming the navigator item to changing the label as we’re still deciding on this possibility.


No problem @Louis, the renaming was only a stopgap - we can rename the reusable blocks themselves if we want the names to change, so this is perfect!

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