Show indicator for the block on the navigator

Showing an indicator when we added custom CSS to any blocks on our page will be easier to find when needed.

Just do like how you did for Relative Styling.

What do you think?
Any feedback is welcome. :wink:


Yes, I can see quite a few scenarios where users would benefit from it.

At some point, users will need some options (e.g. via role editor) to fine tune the Navigator properties (labels, icons, etc.).


Move your post to “Feature request”: I will upvote


Done. You may do so now. :blush:

Hi @jornes,

Thanks for the suggestion, really appreciate you taking the time.

Definitely something that is planned, and as @Marius proposed, we’ll have a navigator item “sorter” in the Role Editor to allow users to select or not the properties they want to see if active.

This will also come with the quick property/CSS viewer (which will allow you to see at a glance what properties are currently applied to the block (or its global classes)).


EDIT: Just one little precision. While this is being worked on, it won’t be pushed live until the WooCommerce integration is finalised. Thanks for your understanding!


Thank you for the update, @Louis
Curious to know, when will the Woocommerce integration ready. :blush:

We’re waiting to push (in the next few days) the popover block that is necessary before we release the other features which will be coming in gradually.


This is now available with, lovely!

A welcome addition.
Thanks for adding @team and thanks for the suggestion @jornes :+1:


Yes, excellent addition - very useful!

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Thanks for the request!
Moving to done.

Best regards,

Hi @Marius
Thanks for letting me know! That’s nice to have. :slight_smile:

Hi team,
I noticed that the indicator is not showing if the custom CSS was inserted when the global class was selected.

I also noticed that the custom CSS now follow the global class. That’s awesome! Thank you!