Show / Hide DIV with button action

hi all,
C is more complicated to me than thought…at least i am not even able to put a action to any button element which opens /view. / hide a DIV…what am i doing wrong?
see below…

thanx so much!.

Hi @Timo,

You need to wrap the Div in a Cwicly Modal block and specify the ID for that in the action, not the ID for the Div block.

oh ok…but then i have to use a modal for every thing on a website which i want to connect to any kind of trigger usability?

There are multiple blocks you can choose from depending on the specific requirements:

  1. Modal
  2. Popover

Alternatively, if you want to use your own blocks, you can the Interactions feature instead and have full control:

Screenshot 2023-10-19 at 15.58.08

Please see this tip to ensure interactions work correctly:

ok thx i added / wrapped a modal now to my text-div…but now it is working as a real modal-popover…ok thats the way for a standard modal…but can i layout that modal differently so it doesnt work as a popup but just as a standard div lets say which pushes the surrounding HTML and content down if opened…can i design a modal that way?


Please review the Interactions documentation: Interactions - Documentation

Best regards,

That sounds more like an accordion to me.

Modal is not suitable for that - as @JohnD said, and I mentioned in my original comment above, please see the Interactions documentation, which allows you complete control.

I also agree with @sunny, what you are wanting sounds a lot like you can use the Cwicly Accordion block instead.

ok thx all i started to checkout “interactions” but ad-hoc it didnt worked out but i am on the way. so far i used the accordions now thanx!