Show class toggle as active when block styles have been added

Following on from this thread:

And this one highlighting the same thing:

Currently, the class active toggle (blue dot) is not being shown as active, even though the class is being added to the block, which confused a few people in our team initially.

For clarity, we are requesting that the dot can be highlighted in a different colour if the class is implicitly active (i.e. if Cwicly has detected it is needed based on having active styles for the block).

This doesn’t affect functionality in any way, it is purely a visual indicator to show when the class has been added to the block automatically.

Thank you!

Hi @StrangeTech,

Thank you for sharing this!

This has now been added with 1.3.3, with the class/ID clarification:


Moving to done.


I noticed and we are very grateful!

Thank you @Araminta and thank you @Louis!

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Very cool what they did with classes and id’s.

Question, and the right dot in the class and id it now what does it show then. If active/not active class in the tab is displayed :thinking:

This is for explicit activation - meaning the user can toggle the class to be active and added to the block’s html even if no styles have been added to it. Similarly with the ID it is there to explicitly add it to the block so it will be shown in the html.

Yes, exactly.

The small dot shows if any styles have been added.

The green dot shows if the user has explicitly activated the class.

Both very useful. :bulb:

Excellent realization :slightly_smiling_face: