Shortcode Block

I noticed that Gutenberg’s shortcode block doesn’t render the shortcode item in the Gutenberg editor. I want to ask if it is doable for Cwicly to implement a shortcode block that renders shortcode items in the Gutenberg editor. If yes, it would be great because we can better visualise our page in Gutenberg with Cwicly.

For example, this is a shortcode of a form by Bitforms(in Gutenberg shortcode block).

I expect the form to render properly like this when designing the page with Cwicly.

Therefore, I request this feature since Gutenberg’s shortcode block doesn’t render the form this way.

Or, am I missing anything when using the Gtb. shortcode block?

I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Thank you!

Best regards,

I got a reply from the Bitforms team.

So, this is not doable with the Gutenberg editor.


That’s why you might want to use a code block instead (wrap it in a <div> block with any tag and style it as you need):

(It also prevents from having empty <p> generated by WP shortcode when nested in some other tags.)


Thanks @yankiara

That’s great to see!
I will try that out shortly. :slight_smile: