Sharing a lightbox between images/galleries/acf galleries

Dear @Louis, thank you for your hardwork,

I finally found out more precisely the context of the issue I have with sharing the lightbox between galleries/images/etc…

I built a post with the featured image, a few static images, a static gallery, a ACF image, and ACF gallery.
To all these images, either by using the gallery link/lighbox or wrapping a div around the image and adding a link/action/lighbox I created a shared lightbox between all these elements using a single lighbox ID.

Thanks to your update it works great, in almost every case.
There is still one case in which it doesn’t work, and only in one direction:

When I click on any image outside of the ACF gallery, they are all connected in the lighbox but the images in the acf gallery.
If I click on one image in the acf gallery though, all the images in the page are connected through the lightbox.

It is almost perfect :wink:

Thank you in advance for checing this out…