Section width - local


Just testing Cwicly and I’m probably blind , but I cannot find section width setting - I can only change it global (in old YouTube tutorials it’s in advanced tab, but now it’s gone). using Cwicly theme and newest plugin.

I can see it in design - sizing, but it won’t allow me to make section wider than default.

Thanks for any help

Hey there @netrunner.

Might not even be section block related, probably rather a default template trap.
Maybe you can solve it with the following tip:

Well, that is not exactly it. Just when I set section width higher than default - it stays default. Lower works. So If I want to have one section ‘out of bonds’ I have to change default section width to higher than I need and put lower section width on every other section.

Hi @netrunner,

Can you make sure you’re applying the width setting to max-width?