Section paddings won't work

I have this CSS rule applied to a div that have cc-wrapper class, which I can’t seem to find any way to control it, and overtakes the padding that I set in the editor for the section block.

I don’t think this was the case before.

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Now I know why. I have added paddings to Section Defaults in the Cwicly settings to prevent manually adding paddings to each section. But, would it be possible to set a padding to Section Defaults, and still be able to adjust paddings for the section block?

Hi @Grug,

Somehow your stylesheet must not be loading in the correct order (perhaps because of a cache plugin).

Normally the block class overrides the default class.

Please let us know if this is the case, so we may exclude this or not as a bug.

It’s a staging site without any caching/optimization plugins. Is there a way for me to check the order?

Hi there @Grug,

You’ll want to look for the cc-global-inline-css <style> tag in your <head>. If your post/template/page stylesheets (cc-post…) are loading after this, there should be no reason the default padding values are overriding your block set properties.

cc-global-inline-css is present in the header. Right after that loads the cc-post… but still doesn’t work, and it looks like theme compatibility issue (Blocksy). I’m using a hook to insert a banner in the shop archive page. The issue occurs there. But, not on a regular page.

@Louis would you be interested to take a look if I email you a login link?

Found a workaround, adding a CSS rule in the Advanced tab works.

.blockclass .cc-wrapper {
  padding: 0;

Hi @Grug,

Yes, would appreciate taking a look, I’ll take you up on that, thanks!


@Louis & @Araminta, Correct me if I’m not right, I believe this may have been fixed many versions ago.

Just checking again in case this was missed, seems to be fixed :smile: @Araminta

Hello @StrangeTech,

Thanks for bringing this up.
I do believe this has been fixed throughout the Cwicly releases, ensuring the order in which the Cwicly stylesheets are inserted.

If you do encounter trouble with this along the way, please don’t hesitate to let me know by replying to this thread.