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From old feedback:

Wordpress has this special alignement options for blocks, see example from Qubely Block attached (same as in native blocks). In Cwicly this is missing and for this it is not possible to use the element in fullwidth if the page layout of the theme is not set to fullwidth. In order to use the plugin with other themes, this should be integrated, at least for the section element.

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FWIW, the image blocks have this in core, perhaps the group block, and I believe 3rd party container blocks have this option.

As far as I am aware (I didn’t check all that stuff explicitly) these are “typical” page builder options.
In general multiple nested containers and thousands of lines of predefined CSS are required to cover most options.

Really don’t want to offend anyone here, but I hope this will never happen with Cwicly blocks.
All that stuff is easily achievable with Cwicly in a clean, straight-forward and intuitive way.
Yeah, you might need 3-4 clicks instead of 1 click.
But you get rewarded with the most possible clean code.

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This was added in
Moving this to done.

Not sure I got it, in native Gutenberg there are global settings for wide and narrow,

and for most blocks one is then able to refer to one of these settings, or even to make it full width.

@Araminta @Louis What is the way to handle that best with Cwicly?