Role Editor: Selection of User Role is gone


I have the most recent version of Cwicly installed on two test pages and on both the user roles in the Role Editor are gone.

While we are at this, what does the little icon on the top right mean and what das ist do?

Screenshots, screen recording, code snippet

Hello @Jonas,

Thanks for the report and my apologies for the trouble here.

This is unfortunately a side effect of our latest update, which we will be fixing in the next update that should land tomorrow.

This should not affect your currently set parameters for user roles.

We do need to add a tooltip to this, thanks for bringing it up.


Hi @Louis,

thanks for the confirmation and explanation of the mystery icon – a tooltip would be handy :smiley:

Yes, I did not observe any changes in the settings of user roles. Just the selection is gone. So no harm is done :slight_smile:

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Hello @Jonas,

Thanks for the report once again.
This was fixed in

If you still experience trouble, I’d be grateful if you could let me know by replying to this thread.


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