Role Editor Feedback

Lol, I’m not sure where people got the idea that I didn’t think the Role Editor was a big deal? Anyway, here is a small big of feedback:

In the Global Block Behavior Section, below the Toggle for “Design Tab” and one for “Advanced Tab” there are settings related to the Primary Tab. How about putting a little border around those with a label “Primary Tab” so it is clear where those are referring to?

It is a great feature and I’m glad you see a lot of potential. I agree it is a good role model for other block addons.


Thanks for this thread @David, pretty good idea and needed to collect more feedback.
I will add my thoughts soon, couldn’t get a hand on yet.
But damn, today’s presentation was really impressive.
How could one imagine this interpretation of a role editor?
It’s already so powerful but at the same time so many things to come.

Tbh, I had no excitement for it. Sure, it was needed at some point.
I’m already a fan now and can’t wait for the future possibities the role editor will offer.


The role editor is much more comprehensive than expected. Probably my default preset will be toggle all for the editors :), but good to have such a variety of options. One thing that I would wish to have, is an option to set them by specific user (instead of user roll) as usually I keep the owners of the websites as administrators.


Knowing Louis, he’s probably already hard at work for more fine-grained control such as specific users.

Between Bricks and Cwicly, the furious development pace is super exciting to watch. Almost every day a shiny new toy comes out :smiley:

Hi there everyone,

Just adding here for reference that targeting specific users is available since

Thanks for the suggestions, and please don’t hesitate to keep them coming :slight_smile: