Reworking architecture ongoing?

Hi @Louis - Am I correct in thinking that there are still important areas of the underlying architecture that are being reworked? I’m under the impression that the predesigned template redo is waiting on this. Thanks.

Hi @David,

Thanks for asking.

Most of the base rework of Cwicly has been done. We’re coming to a stage where we’re happy with how our block architecture is designed and we can see it evolve/grow without much difficulty.

What remains to be re-worked:

  • Design library → completely cloud based (hosted with us, not through individual sites and API keys) where users can upload their elements, templates, complete themes with automatic setup :crossed_fingers:, global classes, settings etc. A community library will also be included, so you can choose to share your designs and elements with others. We’ve pushed the Mega Menu development aside for a bit and are working hard to get this out in the next couple of weeks.

  • Interactions → reviewing the UI so that it flows a lot more. The base is pretty solid, but needs refining while needing an easier entry level. With this comes the inclusion of scroll animations/interactions, completely custom built by the user. The most important feature here is to have most/all interactions work on the backend, so you don’t have to go back and forward to the frontend to see how things look.

Is there some area that has you concerned in particular?


Looking forward to the new design library!


Videos are not as useful if they are quickly out of date. Changes in architecture would likely end up with changes in the user interface. So that was what was in mind when asking.

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@Louis Will this new design library also have an ability to export a backup of whatever you have stored in the library? Protection against technical glitch or manual mistake of deleting stuff from there.

Perfect timing @dranzer, as well as single item exports, we’ll provide a library export as well.


@Louis Thank you for the design library. Now coming to interactions - I will like to bring your attention to a recently released Bricks addon called BricksForge. It adds gsap animations, motion path and a special panel for interactivity. Take a look at it. I am sure you have better ideas but this might give some inspiration. Bricksforge has been released! - YouTube

@Louis @Marius Bricks is going to release their native interactions feature soon. It seems powerful to me by just looking at the documentation and not testing it yet. Posting here if it gives any ideas for the rework of interactions. Interactions – Bricks Academy


Thanks for the ping @dranzer.
Just watched the walkthrough on their YT.

They didn’t reinvent the wheel but seems to cover quite a few scenarios yet.
A pretty solid start, I have to admit.
Dependent on the use case, it can be a powerful feature already.

Hi, What is the current state of this, I would like to know if its been done already

As just a user, I think much of it has been done. The way containers work, the class system, etc seems pretty solid and stable I understand that some kind of support for Tailwind is coming and more WooCommerce support is coming. I’m not sure what else.

Agreed. This seems to be the one item still pending, which we are eagerly awaiting.