Reverse Wrap with Columns / Grid Editor?

How can i cause for reverse wrap on mobile with a column / grid editor? It seems impossible and only doable with creating divs in divs and then using flex editor layouts to influence their direction once mobile

Hi @boris,
You can do it with the grid editor. Open the grid editor When in mobile mode and reorder the columns as you like.
Another way to do it is by setting the “order” property of the column in the block inspector. It can be set to different values for mobile.

hi Nadim. I’ve tried reordering on mobile but it’s an incredible hassle. The columns always jump everywhere but where I want them. Are you able to do this well?
How do you go about setting the order property? Just a number for its sequential location?

The grid editor does give me trouble every now and then there is definitely room for improvement.

And yes, to reorder just give sequential numbers to your columns to specify the desired order.