Resizing with mouse in fractions (some units) in all input fields

I had posted my suggestion under “Feedback” at the time (Margin + Padding: Resizing with mouse in fractions (some units)) and wanted to bring it back to mind.

In the end, changing the value by mouse in fractions of certain units (e.g. em/rem) is even already integrated in some areas, like in the font section.
Would be great to have this in other sections like the margin/padding section too.


Great point @Jugibur.

Not entirely sure why we never did extend this function to all fields.
Thinking about it, reviewing your other thread and now that default units now available, maybe it’s a good idea to also allow users to specify a specific step as well if they want to override the default.

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This would be awesome (even not for current so perhaps for later versions if it is much work)