Request: Un-styled scaffold layouts in the Design Library

There appears to be something of a recurring theme of some new users finding Cwicly’s learning curve something of a barrier to progress. While I love the fact Cwicly is un-opinionated in its default styles and configs - or lack thereof - I do find myself wanting some scaffolded examples to learn from while getting to grips with the system.

It occurred to me that a collection of un/minimumly styled layouts in the Design Library could really help act as a jumping off point and as learning examples.

Rather like Kevin Geary’s ‘Frames’ philosophy.

The value would particularly be found in examples such as ‘Query and filter’, ‘Modal on pageload’, or ‘Recent posts slider’, where configuration is required. A pre-configured example that can be
adapted and then styled would REALLY help.

There are several examples in the library, but not for things like filters - as far as I found anyway - and they all have strong styling which gets in the way. I notice the ‘wireframes’ section is currently empty - perhaps this could be used?

Just a suggestion. I think it might help folks like me learn faster.