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I tried using the many capabilities I know in REPEATER but I am surprised that REPEATER is tied only to ACF. I am suggesting that REPEATER should be liberalized to be applicable to products, posts, queries, and many other options.
I wanted to build a CUSTOM PRODUCT ARCHIVE. I intended to achieve this by making a product card. In the product card, I will have my image, title, price, star rating, add to card, and a javascript customized div for view contact. I will populate the components of the card with dynamic content. The image will simply be the featured image. After making the card, I will drop the card into REPEATER and choose how many should be in a row and the number of columns. By this, I will have a custom-made archive to the taste of my client. I suggest making REPEATER more universally liberal. Or is there something am not doing well?

Hello @Tonygreat,

Might you be looking for the Query block?

I looked at the query block. It is possible to achieve the same but with longer processes. Repeater makes it simple, precise, and more compact.

Sorry @Tonygreat, I might be missing the point here.
What is the difference between the Repeater block and Query block for you (except dynamic data source)?

Simple answer, though I have said that at the beginning. The repeater is shorter while the query is longer. In some simple thing, Repeater can do in a few clicks, you will employ a longer process to achieve the same. The repeater is concise.

@Tonygreat you are coming from Oxygen right?
I think you are just confusing the repeater block with the one from oxygen.
In oxygen, the repeater is just a premade query loop. (it’s not a module to build on repeaters)
In cwicly the repeater block it’s actually the frontend for a repeater field (cloneable element).

So they are 2 different things. Query block is for post types, taxonomies, users, repeater block is just for repeater fields. (there is not one faster then the other)

Update: Actually I didn’t remembered well. “Easy posts” is what that premade query block is named in oxygen (so probably in another builder I saw that). But the rest of the post is still relevant.

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You are just right. I gently dug deep into the scenarios and was able to see what is under the hood.