Relative Styling Attributes

From old feedback: Relative Styling Attributes | Cwicly

Maybe this makes not so much sense, but there are plenty use cases for this, e.g. CPT, ACF options page, general page options controlled through dynamic data, Cwicly Blocks itself, etc.
Especially since we do have the power of dynamic attributes available in Cwicly.
In combination whith the Relative Styling, where we can do much more than hover animations, we actually can target precisely any DOM element, the possibility to add any attribute to it, would be fantastic.

There are plenty of elements/blocks which has nested containers and we don’t have direct access to.
E.g. Section wrapper, Slider, Modal, Menu, etc.

Not sure if this is even related to Relative Styling, but a feature to add attributes to any line of HTML would offer even more possiblities. We literally could write / extend our own code.