Regeneration: just a sunday question

Is it mandatory to wait the end of each regeneration between clicking the 4 buttons?
If not, why not ta add a button with All the regenerations
I warned: it’s a matter of Sunday sleep in!!

I just press the HTML regeneration and it regenerates everything else too. It’s faster too now with the recent update.

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This is a good information to let know

Has this been confirmed elsewhere?
How would that even make sense?

This is my observation as well.

From the animation. When you press regenerate html button - other buttons also have that regeneration animation.

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@Louis can confirm if the behaviour is different for the HTML button press.

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Hello there,

Thanks for bringing this up.
We’ve made a little adjustment in the latest update which separates each function as they do have different roles.

The regeneration process is only needed if specified in our changelog (when we make changes to HTML/CSS markup, or if you’ve migrated somehow).

Regenerating doesn’t hurt in any way, so if you feel the need to, please go ahead.
But I will add, the regeneration process basically replicates the rendering functions we apply when you save a post/template etc… Basically, you are reprocessing those functions on every post on your installation.

Hope that clears things up. Don’t hesitate if there’s something you don’t understand or want precisions :wink:

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@Louis Now that the rendering process is back to default gutenberg one, is there still a need for the html regenerate part? (going forward, on updates after 1.2.7)