Refresh (or Rerender) GB Block Content

Since Dynamic Data only shows as placeholders within the Query Loop, I am thinking I will likely just be creating ACF Gutenberg blocks (SCORG makes this very easy) containing the layout for the repeating block and inserting into the Query Template. Using this method provides the ability to show the actual content within the loop for each repeated block.
NOTE: I have tried using the Code Block within the Loop as well to accomplish - but it does not display the actual content within the editor either (only for the first initial post in the loop).

The one issue I have found with the custom GB block method is if I make a change to the Block layout (or markup) on the back-end - there is no easy way to refresh the block within the editor to reflect current revisions (similar to the Rerender function of the Code block). I must refresh the entire editor to reflect any changes made to that GB block - which gets cumbersome needing to revise the markup of the block.

With this said, I am not sure when (or if) Dynamic Data will be “previewable” within a Loop regarding the roadmap - and wondering if this Rerender feature is a relatively small enhancement that could be accomplished. Maybe my solution is too edge-case to accommodate - but thought I would inquire.