Reduce Cwicly CSS on Load?

When I use Google’s Page Speed check, it tells me of Cwicly CSS blocks that are always loaded on first page load.

I’m trying to reduce the amount of blocks loading by for example removing hover animations, but this block is still loaded.

How can I reduce the amount of blocks loaded?

Here is all that’s loaded which causes a slow loading time and bad ranking:

would anyone have some insight here? If I’m not using hover grow animations could it not be that I don’t have to load that piece of CSS? etc


Well I don’t have hover-animation.css loaded, so you may have forgotten one somewhere…?


As for the rest, looks like you can’t unload any other CSS file :wink:

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Check your close icon on the form modal.

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didn’t find anything there either! but okay thanks guys, it seems I just have an animation somewhere all i need to do is find it**

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wow!! amazing hah. I was looking at my menu modal but didn’t think this popup was the problem. Thank you so much. I’m excited to now try out and see if the CSS doesn’t get loaded

It’s now not loading the animation block.

However it is still for example loading dark mode block, even though I’m not using that. Is there a solution for that?