Rankmath Plugin Bug

Dear admin

When working with Rankmath, Cwicly blocks don’t work like in the video I sent

link video: Rankmath Bug

You can see in the video that the Cwicly block are structurally broken and the Heading block is not compatible with Rankmath. When I use Gutenberg’s Heading Block everything works fine

Thank you !

Hi there @NHViet,

I think you might have to redirect this question to RankMath as our blocks do have the correct tags applied inside the Editor.
Might it be that RankMath is only looking for default Gutenberg blocks?

Moving this to General.

Dear Louis

I contacted rankmath support and got the same response as in the picture

So is there any method for TOC of Rankmath to work with Cwicly heading tags?. I don’t want to use the default wordpress heading tag

Thank you !