Query Showing Users Linked to Post via ACF

I have a custom ACF field on posts that’s linking to multiple users. I want to create a Cwicly query that will display these users on post view. Is that possible? I’ve tried the “Search” and “Who” options on the query builder, but to no avail. I also have multiple return format options available in ACF (User Array, User Object, User ID) and I’m not sure which to choose.

Hi @avunu,

Good question! I’ll take a look right now and see what’s going on :wink:

Hi @avunu,

If I’m understanding correctly, you have already set the Query block to Users → that’s perfect.

After that, if you want to query the specific list of users you have included inside the ACF User field (return set to User ID) make sure to use the Include Users parameter (with the ACF field as dynamic property) from the Include/Exclude tab and NOT the Who parameter.

The Who parameter specifies which type of users to query. Currently only ‘authors’ is supported (WordPress).

Hope that helps!

That worked. Woot! Your fanatical support is much appreciated! This product is very much worth the money, and your follow-through is over the top! :clap::tada:


Glad you got it working @avunu :wink:

Thanks for the encouraging words, much appreciated!