Query nesting lets XAMPP climb to 100% CPU usage?

Hi there,
I am using XAMPP to run some testsites locally.
When I nest queries, my CPU climbs up to 100% (XAMPP) :thinking:

I have a fresh install and created a new Custom Tmplate.
I placed a query in a section with paragraphs where the source is set to the WordPress->Post Title to check the current location.

Since it is a clean install i left the query at inherit the query from URL.

This outputs the expected:

If I now copy the query and nest it like here:

I get the expected result on the backend:

But if I now save the template and want to check the frontend, the page won’t load and XAMPP just climbs up to 100% CPU usage.

I don’t know how to check further for this Error and would appreciate any help.

Browser: Firefox
WordPress version: 6.3.1
Cwicly Plugin version:
XAMPP v 3.3.0
Apache/2.4.54 (Win64) OpenSSL/1.1.1p PHP/8.2.0

Hello @T-low,

Thanks for your report, and my apologies for the trouble here.

I think that @Araminta has forwarded me a similar kind of issue with nested queries and frontend rendering active.

Can you confirm that the 100% CPU usage is only happening on the frontend?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi @Louis

Yes, this only happens on the frontend.

No idea if this is related, but I also happened to notice an issue today with a page with nested queries.

The page takes 50s to load on the front-end when uncached - so it might be eating up the CPU as well since the rest of the site becomes unresponsive during this time.

What is more strange in my case though is that disabling Kadence Blocks (which isn’t used on the page) brings the load time down drastically.

Hello there guys,

I noticed this too today.
I wanted to use bi-directional fields in CPTs and after inserting second query to retrieve data from bi-directional field editor broke down (did not saved last changes and reloaded itself).

My site did not loaded with this setup at all. So I cant use this functionality for now.
@Louis Do you have any ideas what is happening?

To get bi-directional functionality I am using Advanced Custom Fields: Extended plugin.
Other than that i have just safe svg and fluent forms plugins.

Also what is interesting, all classes with styling were kept saved during this bugs. Which is nice.

Apart from Cwicly I have a feeling that there might be some issues with Kadence blocks as well. I’ve noticed the same thing on one of my client’s websites which doesn’t use Cwicly but Blocksy theme and Kadence blocks. I was working on improving performance and couldn’t understand why the custom post type archive and custom query pages were so slow. After disabling Kadence blocks, everything returned to normal.

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Hello everyone,

My apologies for the trouble here, as well as the inconvenience.

I can confirm a bug with the latest update when using nesting queries. This is due to how we modified the context to allow for component usage throughout multiple queries.
A fix should be provided in the next Cwicly release (next Tuesday).

If you need the fix before then, please don’t hesitate to contact support@cwicly.com so that we can make the necessary changes on your installation.

Thanks for your patience on this one and sorry for the trouble once again.



Hi @T-low,

Thank you for taking the time to report this.

Nesting queries should now work as expected with 1.3.
Kindly let us know if this is the case on your side.

Thank you.

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Thank you @Araminta,

works like a charm :+1:

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