Query loop backend hangs up when many items with no pagination

my query loop is 100 items without pagination , whren setting up the loop in backend the page hang in each time I changed an option that needs to reload the query , even some times a popup of wait for process took long time present , and If a loop contain lets say 500 items without pagination the page will completely die.

the site hosted in a dedicated server so no issue at all in term of server resources. even more I have tried the same query in bricks which is also installed at the same site now , and even if I setup a query with 5000 posts with no pagination the backend will not hang . So I think the loading loop process in gutenberg editor is the main issue .

Hi @battarov,

I appreciate your short post and the name-dropping, but in such matters, we’re going to need a bit more information here…
Like the Query Template inner blocks, post type (post, product etc…), the necessity to work with 100+ items in one viewing etc…

I tried replicating your issue on my side, without any sign of server/client-side slow down.

Since this is a dedicated server, please can you send me (louis@cwicly.com) a complete rundown of server performance during the time of use when in the back-end.
A report of your personal computer performance during the same timeframe would also be appreciated.


the template inner was a button only . then tried an accordion element.
the query tried , posts then taxonomies.
the necessery for 100 without pagination is because I intend to add a slider contains a loop of 100 categories each one as a button , then when the page start hanging each time the loop reloaded when applying setting in gutenberg , I tried to apply the same query setup to the accordion posts block but also faced the same issue.
Note that it was only at the backend , while still at front end every thing running smooth.

Regarding the reports I will try to collect the required data.
For now I figured out another design without the need for that 100+ items in the loop without pagination .

I can confirm that the load of backend query loop in backend is much more better after the last version inhancments.