Query Filter Block Questions

I have tried so many configurations and cannot figure out how to get a Query Filter block to correctly filter on Taxonomy. Hoping someone can see this and maybe see something obvious that I am doing incorrectly.

I have a custom post type called [cpt_product]
This CPT has an ACF Taxonomy field assigned to it called fld_cat_product_brand
ACF Field is set as the following:

Then I have built a query with the following settings:


Then I have a Filter Block containing the following settings:


The result is the following page. The filter block displays correctly (all of the brands) - but I cannot get the query to display at all when clicking on any brands.

Clicking on any of the categories adds the /?product-brand=[slug] to the URL - but there is no display of the query (there are no errors regarding the query on the front-end and results are shown.

I have been trying to get to this to work for several hours to no avial. I have tried changing the ouput format of the ACF Taxonomy field (from object to term_id) and I have tried changing the URL paramater from using [slug] to using [term_id] - and nothing has worked.

Thanks for any help.

Hi @bmc38119,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing trouble with the Filter block.

Could you possibly provide support@cwicly.com a temporary access to your installation so that we can take a closer look at this?

Thank you in advance.

@Araminta thank you. I actually abandoned ship and went with custom code to achieve my loop. However, i will replicate what i had on a test page and send access. Thank you!