Query editor, meta key source, need add featured image option!

i want only list out the post which only have featured image, can we add a featured image option like dynamic.ooo??


Featured Image is not greyed out. It’s sub heading and not the meta key. Enter featured image meta key manually and check true/false?

i did try to find and input manually, but i can not get it work.

i think here should add one feature image option like dynamic.ooo plugin, then it will be work easily for everyone.

Hi @qiang814k,

This is a good suggestion to provide a quick & easy way to only query posts with/without featured images.

In most case, just adding _thumbnail_id to the Meta Key parameter should do the trick :+1:

Brilliant, “_thumbnail_id” is working for me, thanks a lot!! :clap: :clap:, the more dynamic tag, there will more power for none programmer users, i would suggest you put in cwicly option dropdown list.