"Query content not found" in backend when using Include Posts

I have a query that uses an ACF field as its Include Posts value:

The reason I set it here instead of a Meta Query is because it’s a Relationship field. Doing it this way allows me to sort by Post In.

Everything works perfectly on the front-end, but I get the big “Query content not found notice” on the backend:

It’s obviously quite distracting, but also means you can style any of the query items.

In fact, it actually seems to de-activate the Cwicly block entirely in the back-end:


Let me know if you need any more info!

Hi there @sunny,

Is this on the Site Editor?

If so, you will have to use the Dynamic Preview option so that Cwicly knows what the value of the ACF Field is.

Yeah, it was inside a template.

And I can confirm tomorrow, but I’m 99% sure I tried with Dynamic Preview as well with no luck.

Yeah, the dynamic preview doesn’t seem to affect it.


Hey @louis, in case it’s helpful, here’s a video that shows some of the weirdness: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Hello @sunny,

Really sorry for not coming back to this thread and addressing the issue.
Thanks for the video, that helped a lot.

Reproduced this on my side, a fix will be addressed in the next update.


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No worries at all @Louis, thanks for coming back to it. Glad you were able to reproduce it.

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Hello @sunny,

This should be addressed in
If you still run into issues, please don’t hesitate to let me know by replying to this thread.


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