Query and ACF

I have created a boolean field in Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) named ‘site_map’ for Pages. In a new page, I set up a query for post type = ‘pages’.

I am struggling to configure the ‘Include Posts’ settings in order to only display the pages where ‘site_map’ is set to true.
Could you please assist me?

you need to go to meta query options for that since site map is a custom field not on include post

I attempted to use the following query, but it didn’t return the expected results (nothing):

I’m struggling to identify the issue with this query.
Do you have any ideas on what might be going wrong?

I think no need to make it dynamic enable. just put the custom field name on the left and meta value on the right

are you using front end rendering?

Thanks @kris
The query runs well now but I have a problem of display:
Backend: everything is well displayed (query filter is ok, post_title is ok, ACF field “description” is ok

but frontend, the ACF field is not displayed:

Follow this step.

To do this, either enable the “Show in REST API” setting for the desired ACF Groups or turn off the “Require ACF API REST” option in Cwicly Settings → Advanced Settings.

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or you can enable rest api in acf field setting itself

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That one was hard to find.
The number of possible parameters is unimaginable!
Thanks again @kris