Public key vs access key in cloud library?

I’ve just discovered yesterday the cloud library and i don’t understand the difference between access key and public key.
Can someone explain me which one should be used for which case ?

Hey @pomilo.

As per documentation:

Public Keys are only useful for sharing.
Public keys allow users to visualise and import your designs.
But they cannot edit or delete your designs from the library.
To do this Private keys are required.

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@Marius i had already read the documentation, and this does not answer my question. What is the difference between public key and access key ?

Hi @pomilo,

To clarify, access keys function equivalently to public keys.
Both permit restricted access sharing with other users, ensuring they cannot edit or delete library items.

However, an access key provides you with the ability to manage who has access to your library, allowing you to revoke that access at any time.

For more information, be sure to see this video, and our docs.

In summary:

  • private key → full control over library (delete and edit)
    Intended for admins.

  • public key → limited access to library (import and view)
    Intended for collaborators.

  • access key → controlled limited access to library, to which access can be removed (import and view).
    Intended for clients.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions on this.

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thank you, i did watched the video but i didn’t understood the light difference between access and public keys :slight_smile: