Problem when transferring the site

There was a problem when transferring the site to another hosting.
everything is fine on the old hosting

everything is terrible on the new hosting. There are no errors in the console. The feeling that styles have been lost. I also contacted technical support and changed hosting services. everywhere they write that there is a problem with the cwicly plugin. I ask for help

Hi @AlexKlinika,

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Sorry to hear you’re experiencing trouble with this.

Our support team has promptly responded to your email and awaits your response.

Thank you for your understanding.

sent a reply message. I really hope he has your help

Hello @AlexKlinika,

Thanks for your patience on this one.
I believe Johnny sorted things out for you.

Interestingly, this was due to the fact that the backup plugin that was used had not updated the upload path. Quite a few cases can be found: i.e. wp_options / upload_path |

This was not an issue with Cwicly, but more so a misconfiguration on the installation.


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thank you! I am impressed with your work! Thank you!

I checked and I have one problem solved, but I can’t move this site anywhere else. everywhere this error remains. I checked 3 hosting sites and the error is everywhere as before. what should I do in this case? how to fix it? I used 4 different plugins to migrate sites and each did not solve this problem. I did the export from the site that you fixed

Hello @AlexKlinika,

As stated in my previous message, there is an issue with your backup/restore plugin that is not updating the uploads path in the database when you migrate the website. I recommend you contact the developer to see where things are going wrong.

upload_path in the wp_options table has to be updated to reflect your current installation’s upload directory (where Cwicly stylesheets are stored), which isn’t the case currently.

Please understand, this is not related to Cwicly. Cwicly simply relies on the native wp_upload_dir() function to retrieve your upload’s directory path. If your upload path returns an incorrect path, this is out of our control.
Feel free to contact Johnny again, I’m sure he’ll help you out, although this is normally out of our support scope.