Previewing your Template with the content of a post / Dynamic Preview in Template page


It seems like since the new update(s) ( not sure which one ),
the Dynamic Preview in the template page editor allows me to browse only through WP posts and WP pages and doesn’t find custom post type posts as it used to, making it impossible to use when working on archive custom post type template.

Using here the last Cwicly version with WP 6.1

Thank you for looking!

I am not sure how it was before because I am new to Cwicly but I am creating single custom post type template and all I see is this:

I hoped that that there is option to select data to preview but when trying to change settings from preview button nothing shows up in dropdown except “Current item”, so not able to change anything
Screenshot 2022-11-15 at 12.17.16

In the data preview, sid you try to enter the first letters of the title of a post?
you should be able this way to browse through the existing posts and pick one.


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Thanks @JuGa for hint! I couldn’t guess myself that I need to type first for posts to show up in dropdown.
But anyway seems it is working for me and also with custom post type!

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Glad it worked for you.
On my side, I don’t know why, I can’t get the custom post type to show, maybe it has to do with something else on my installation :thinking:
It worked fine until last night…

Which Cwicly version are you using?

I am using lates version and also Wordpress 6.1.

I am using the same versions so maybe it is not a cwicly bug… going to keep investigating

thank you for the details…

still not working though, even after removing plugins… :thinking:

Just tested as well, no issues for me.

thank you for checking @Marius
this is really not helping ahahahaha
just kidding of course, putting all the pressure on my current instal and setup…
I hope I will find soon how/why it started doing this…

thank you again for checking!

Found out the issue!!
As I have been checking a lot of different possible reasons that would bring the post type query filtered by post type taxonomies, I have been changing the declarations of the custom post type and…
the post type Exclude From Search was set to True
Once back to false, it is of course visible in the template’s Dynamic Preview

thank you all for checking putting this in the tip section now

So in order to Preview a template with a specific post:
Click the right icone of themiddle upper, called Dynami Preview, it will open a Search modal, enter one letter included in the title of the post/page/custom post type you are looking for and select it in the populated list.

If for some reason you can not find a custom post type, make sure that in its declaration, the parameter Exclude from Search is set to False.

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