Preload featured image?

Any suggestion from the community for how to preload above-the-fold feature image on a post page to reduce LCP? Default is currently lazy loading.


Hi, here is an info how to do that:

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Thanks @Jugibur!

The last code snippet on that page looks pretty ideal based on the description. From my quick look, it seems like it should be ready to drop in directly to functions.php. I’ve added it as such to the bottom of my functions.php but doesn’t look like it’s having an impact – no preload links in the header. Any suggestions on how to debug?

Not easy to say without having more infos. How much knowledge do you have basically? Did you pay attention to when to output the code?
e.g. in the example only the start page is considered and only posts of type ‘post’ not ‘page’. If I were you, I would try a reduced setup, with a test string.