Preload Error rocket-loader.min.js

All modals on my site including mobile menu modals not working. I can’t seem to isolate the issue. All worked till I transferred the site from a staging site ( to live ( I have the following error:

rocket-loader.min.js:1 A preload for ‘’ is found, but is not used because the request credentials mode does not match. Consider taking a look at crossorigin attribute.


Modals down:

Has anyone any idea what the issue is? Also the Fonts are still loading staging. url.

Thank you in advance.

What process did you use to transfer the site?

I transferred it manually, but ran into those issues. So I then transferred it again with All in One Migration. I had to edit one of the database tables to fix the font issue, the path still had staging. in it. Font issue resolved.

As to the Modal issue that is still unresolved.

I did some further research. There was a conflict with the Cloudflare proxies so I disabled it. Issue solved. The Cloudflare account may have a caching rule setting buried someplace from the old site in it.