Popover won't disappear

Not sure if it’s a bug or a limitation.
The popover won’t disappear when covering an iframe.

Popover setup:

Tried an iframe via a code block and also built one by myself, using a div block.

Everything’s up to date.

Any chance for a fix or workaround here?
Thank you in advance.

If the iframe is an external domain, this may just be a context limitation as due to cross-origin security the containing page won’t have access to the iframe context and therefore couldn’t detect clicks.

If you have access to the domain within the iframe, you may be able to give the containing page access.

Here is a thread discussing the same issue:

It is possible Cwicly may be able to put a general solution in place for this if they haven’t already.

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Thanks for your input here @StrangeTech.
I’ll check that out, I’m almost certain that this is a limitation.

This would be something I’d really appreciate, if possible.
Popovers and iFrames are quite a common scenario and for example if there are multiple ones, I assume they will all stay active at the same time when the user toggles them without leaving the iFrame container.

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The lightning fast fixes just keep coming!

Didn’t go over the changelog fixes yet but can confirm this is now fixed.

Thanks for pointing it out @StrangeTech and of course a big :+1: to the @team for addressing this.

Hello @Marius and @StrangeTech,

Apologies for the delay on this fix, thanks for bringing it up again!
Don’t hesitate to bump bug reports that we haven’t addressed.

Thanks for your patience and continued support.


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