Popover toggle/click not working

Popover Trigger Click

Hover and focus trigger option work as expected, click option doesn’t.
It seems, that all other action options (show / hide / show-to-hide) work as well.
Didn’t test all the combinations but might be a toggle/click exclusive issue.
Might be just the case that the toggle action accidentally links to the hide action.

I hope I didn’t miss something and it’s not user error - currently in the process of exploring the new block.
Documentation is great btw.

Would it be possible (or make sense) to display the default values instead of a blank field, like:

  • position: absolute
  • placement: bottom

As a user, I want to know what’s going on and a blank field is more confusing since it suggests that no option is applied.
Since these are dedicated block options, which needs defaults/fallbacks, and no CSS values which shouldn’t be pre-filled, maybe it’s something to consider.

Also, in the link modal window, it says only action: show/hide/toggle, etc.
Could that be made more descriptive? It might confuse some users/clients, etc.
This is very minor, as the input below hints the purpose of the action.

Hey @Marius,

Not at desktop currently but if I understand correctly, you’re trying to add a toggle action on the same trigger element? When you apply the click trigger type and select the element from the Popover block, the logic is already put in place. This would suggest that the actions you have put in place will cancel each other.
No need to add any action to the button/trigger element itself, since you’re doing that from the popover block directly.


Oh, that makes sense of course @Louis - how could I miss that.
Thanks for hinting me here, seems I mixed things up a bit.

Well, at least hopefully someone else will be as smart as myself and I can link to this thread then :smiling_face:

Moved topic to General.